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Every child of God should live up to their God-given purpose.


Sparrow Ministrees works with children, teens, and women to reclaim the original family design, restore childhood and renew lives. Through prayer and discipleship, Sparrow Ministrees helps children, women, and families find hope, healing and freedom so that together, they may spiritually thrive.  God desires everyone to walk in faith and freedom!


About Michelle

Michelle has over 25+ years in Children's Ministry experience both inside and outside of the walls of the church and has worked with numerous children and their families. She earned a Diploma in Educational Ministries from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and has mentored many in the area of Children's Ministry. Most importantly, Michelle has a passion-filled vision from the Lord to plant the truth of His love and purpose within the hearts of children and families.  She believes that God wants to bring hope and healing to children and families so that they can thrive and experience all that God designed the family for.